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Sock it to us! Some the best socks for people with diabetes

Fitlegs is a new brand from post-surgery compression sock suppliers G&N Medical. They now have a range of diabetes socks and everyday compression socks for work and travel. Soft and seamless, they heels have support, and they come in four sizes with a compression level of 14-17mmHg (a measure of pressure using mercury as used in pressure gauges). SAVE 15%! USE CODE AT CHECKOUT TO GET 15% OFF

The Corrymoor Gentle Top (£10.50) and Corrymoor Adventurer (£14.50) are ideal for people who have poor circulation, such as Reynaud’s syndrome or diabetes, or are otherwise sensitive to pressure on their legs. The Corrymoor Gentle Top is intended for everyday use whilst the Corrymoor Adventurer is thicker for walking or outdoor activities (or even just for using without shoes around the house). Both socks have the health benefits of mohair, a natural fibre with anti-bacterial properties. www.corrymoor.com

Tight elastic socks and ill-fitting shoes can increase the risk of foot ulcers. Gentle Grip set out to create a completely new type of socks that could stay up without pinching. Gentle Grip Footnurse Socks have done away with elastic completely, thanks to the non-restrictive Honeycomb Top that holds secure, moulds to the natural contours of the ankle and calf and are made a soft-touch, breathable cotton that creates a healthy environment. www.gentlegrip.co.uk

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