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Insider track: You are invited to Diabetes UK’s new Insider day, Saturday March 17th at Excel

This year, at the end of Diabetes UK Professional Conference in mid-March, there is a new Insider day just for you. This new one-day event gives those who attend an inside look at what goes on at the Professional Conference. It will include overviews of current exciting developments in diabetes research, including immunotherapy research in Type 1 diabetes and the DiRECT study into Type 2 diabetes remission.

There will be expert discussions on topics including exercise, diabetes burnout and diabetes and social media. And a Tomorrow’s World panel will debate what’s on the horizon for people living with diabetes. World-leading experts will take to the stage alongside inspiring speakers who are currently living with diabetes. At the event there will also be a chance to meet others living with diabetes with whom you may share interests.

Diabetes UK’s CEO, Chris Askew, says, “In the past when the annual Professionals Conference has taken place we have had people with diabetes ask us if they can attend. Unfortunately, as it’s been aimed at Healthcare Professionals and due to the nature of some of the exhibitors, there have been legal and other limitations preventing people with diabetes attending. However, we wanted to work out a way that the public can gain from the event. By adding this extra day we have widened the audience by retaining speakers and making it into it’s own event while using the richness of the original conference programme. We hope it will be a very enjoyable day for all those who attend.”

Speakers include Chris Askew, Dr Pratik Choudhary, Professor Andrew Hattersley, Dr Denise Robertson, Professor Roy Taylor, Professor Susan Wong, and Dr Kirsty Winkley. Plus Dr Partha Kar and the Grumpy Pumper will discuss the use of social media.

To see the full programme click HERE.

The event is aimed at adults living with diabetes, or parents of children living with diabetes. It isn’t suitable for children and there will be no children’s programme. Older teenagers (16+) can attend with an adult.

Diabetes UK Professional Conference Insider: A new event for people living with diabetes.
Saturday 17 March at ExCeL London, 10am – 4.15pm.
Registration fee: £10
To register: Click HERE

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