Pain-free lancing with Genteel Lancing Device

A new ‘pain free’ lancet device has been launched with patented Butterfly Touch Technology. The Genteel Lancing Device draws blood from anywhere on the body without pain using vacuum, vibration and depth control, the perfect drop of blood can be drawn from any site.

The device claims to be pain free because it only reaches blood capillaries and avoids hitting the pain nerves all together. Dr Chris Jacobs, inventor of the Genteel device claims that it challenges everything we know about lancing technology.

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He is a strong advocate for frequent testing but recognized that in order to encourage people to do so various barriers needed to be overcome such as pain being associated with blood testing, not wanting to wake children when sleeping, and sore and rough fingers from continually testing in the same place.”

The Genteel Lancet Device allows children to stay asleep while you test them, there’s no need to squeeze to get blood from your finger and you can use it to get blood from any part of your body, therefore users will not have sore, swollen or sensitive finger tips. Needlephobics can use it, as no needle is visible while using the device.

The Genteel Lancing Device Pack* is available at an introductory price of £98.95 (diabetics can reclaim the VAT during checkout, bringing the price down to £82.46, with free delivery). Pack contains one device (available in 8 colours), six contact tips, two nozzles, a travel case, a belt holding clip, stickers for decoration and a pack of butterfly lancets.

Use code DESANG2018 at checkout to get 10% off all orders over £20. Don’t forget to also claim VAT back at checkout.

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