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Jolly good fun with Cheeky Boy Sauces

Cheeky Boy Sauces – all-natural, with a kick – have created to liven up any food and any meal. All Cheeky Boy Sauces are natural, free from artificial flavours and colours and bursting with vegetables and fresh ingredients. Two of the current sauces are also meat free, dairy free and gluten free. Each distinctive sauce is packed with personality and is made using a unique recipe using only fresh and authentic ingredients. The flavours are inspired from founder Kaye Foong’s far-ranging travel adventures She says of the newest product, “Jolly Roger is an exciting new launch for us following a busy year. The sauce is named after the legendary Jolly Roger flag which used to adorn pirate ships as they sailed on the open seas in days gone by – so it’s perfect for foodies from the Orient to the Caribbean! We have been developing the recipe for some time and are thrilled to finally share the final sauce with our customers. Jolly Roger is packed full of so many delicious, tongue-popping flavours and we’re certain it will add a new dimension to any meal.” www.cheekyboysauces.com

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