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Burts Crisps Lentil Waves, better for you

Burts Crisps Lentil Waves come in three flavours Lightly Salted, Sour Cream and Chive, and Thai Sweet Chilli (featuring tastes from the South Devon Chilli Farm). Since launching in 2014, Burts’ Lentil Waves range is currently the fastest growing ‘Better For You’ snack in the market. With fewer than 99 calories per bag and a low glycaemic index, they may make you feel fuller for longer. The lentil chips contain lentil flour, potato starch, pre-cooked potato starch, salt. The whole range is seasoned with natural flavours and is free from MSG, hydrogenated fat, artificial flavourings, colourings and any other nasties.

Based in Plymouth, Burts Chips has recently added to its ‘Better For You’ range with the launch of its new lighter snack, Quinoa Crinkles. These are healthy, crunchy snacks with less than 90 calories per packet, and come in two enticing flavour varieties – Sweet Pepper & Chorizo and West Country Cream Cheese. Burts Chips uses ingredients with strong provenance credentials to reflect its Devonshire heritage, such as high-quality chorizo from local manufacturer the Good Game Company. The new healthy product range is bursting with Burts’ traditionally bold flavour in a quirky quinoa-based snack.

Simon Knight, Sales and Marketing Director of Burts Chips said: “With innovation and taste at the heart of Burts Chips, we wanted to create a healthy new snacking concept following the success of our Lentil Waves range. The ‘Better For You’ market is now worth approximately £145 million so our new product will lead the way in this growing category. After many months of development, Quinoa Crinkles will deliver a delicious indulgent flavour and crunchy crispy texture, with the added benefit of offering an exciting lighter alternative to health-conscious consumers.”

Check the back of each pack to see which of the company’s fryers cooked your bag of chips. Lentil Waves: per 100g (in brackets per 20g pack) approx. 60g carbs (12g) 16g fat (3.2g) and 12g protein (2.4g). Quinoa Crinkles: per 100g (per 20g pack) 12g fats (2.4g), 64g carbs (12.8g), 10g protein (2g).

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