Using your Yutaka noodle!

Japanese food company Yutaka (which means ‘good harvest’ in Japanese) has launched two new Japanese sauces, a Sesame and Miso Sauce and a Yakisoba Sauce. Both have been made to traditional, classic Japanese recipes. The Sesame & Miso sauce is rich and nutty and makes a great marinade for meat, a tasty dressing for salads and can also be used as a dip. The Yakisoba Sauce is perfect for stir-fries or as a marinade for chicken and fish, Yakisoba being a Japanese stir-fry noodle dish similar to Chinese Chow Mein. Both 150ml bottles available from Tesco RRP £2.30

Tazaki Foods, the name behind the Yutaka brand, was the pioneer of Japanese food in the UK, responsible for opening the first Japanese restaurant in the country 35 years ago.

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