Ascensia Innovation Challenge, can you help?

Ascensia Diabetes Care has launched the Ascensia Diabetes Challenge, a global innovation competition that is seeking innovative digital solutions to support diabetes management and improve the lives of those living with Type 2 diabetes. The challenge aims to find new ways to help tackle the management of the global epidemic of Type 2 diabetes by unearthing undiscovered solutions from diabetes innovators. Finalists, runners-up and the winner will all receive cash prizes to support further development of their ideas from a total prize fund of €200,000 (£150,000).

Through the challenge, Ascensia aims to support companies that are developing the next big leap forward in digital solutions that could facilitate better Type 2 diabetes management and help relieve the burden it places on individuals, healthcare systems and society. Although solutions and therapies in this area continue to improve year on year, many of the emerging technologies currently in development need further investment to ensure they can play a critical role in helping people with Type 2 diabetes to better self-manage all aspects of their condition.

Michael Kloss, CEO Ascensia Diabetes Care says, “This challenge will not solve the diabetes epidemic on its own, but it is a critical step in the development of new diabetes solutions. It aims to find, support and nurture ideas from start-ups that have the potential to revolutionize diabetes management. We hope this challenge can generate novel ideas from undiscovered sources, and with Ascensia’s support, we want to be able to bring them to a global patient population.”

A judging panel, made up of independent experts from diabetes and digital health from across the world, as well as members of the Ascensia Medical, R&D and Commercial teams, will assess the entries and determine finalists and the winner. Dr. William Polonsky, a clinical psychologist, Dr. Masood Nazir, a general practitioner with a special interest in diabetes and digital health, and Robin Swindell, a Type 2 diabetes blogger, have been confirmed as the first three judges, and additional judges will be announced later. Polonsky, President and Co-Founder of the Behavioural Diabetes Institute, San Diego, USA, says, “Behavioural interventions are the key to enhancing self-management in Type 2 diabetes, and digital solutions are desperately needed as a means to engage patients over the long-term and enable sustainable behaviour change. I am thrilled to be part of the Ascensia Diabetes Challenge to try and find the next innovations to address the burden of Type 2 diabetes.”

Entries can be submitted at

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