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New book for gestational diabetes by Dr Paul Grant

More than 35,000 pregnant women are diagnosed with gestational diabetes each year in England and Wales, many feel as if the condition’s onset signals a failure to care for their own health. It’s something Dr Paul Grant experienced first-hand during his wife’s own two pregnancies and, despite being a consultant diabetologist, felt the condition was too much of a mystery. Hence, Gestational Diabetes: Your Survival Guide to Diabetes in Pregnancy, his book which aims to take the mystery out of a condition that has seen a three-fold increase in the past decade alone. From initial diagnosis to diet changes, lifestyle adjustments and even a series of complementary recipes, Grant gives advice about this common yet often confusing medical condition. He is currently clinical lead for diabetes care in Brighton & East Sussex and is a former editor of The British Journal of Diabetes. Gestational Diabetes: Your Survival Guide to Diabetes in Pregnancy is available from Amazon, http://amzn.to/2vCWdy2.

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