Latest issue: the spooky truth about sugars in food

Having been baffled myself with on-pack messaging, with claims about products being ‘sugar free’ when they are rammed with carbohydrates, and knowing that there’s a sugar tax coming next year, in this issue I’ve looked into how sugars and carbs are listed on nutrition labels. I’ve tried to fathom the differences between the terms added sugar, sugar free, free sugars (yep, confusing!) and found out in the process about a system called Sugarwise, which certifies what’s going into foods in terms of sugar content.

There’s several pages of news too, with an update on Moby, a medical detection dog, and a new initiative from Ascensia Diabetes Care to help challenge the rise of Type 2 diabetes. In Making Carbs Count, it’s back to food labels with a refresher on how carbs and sugars are listed on labels and why it matters in terms of insulin dosing.

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