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Mr Lee’s Noodles Company present ‘gourmet noodles in a cup’ taking authentic oriental flavours and gives them a modern twist using the finest ingredients to lock in all those nutritional values. There are currently six rice noodle flavours in their range with more scheduled to launch through 2017. All noodles are certified as gluten-free by Coeliac UK and low in added sugar by Sugarwise. These are one of the lowest instant noodles in terms of salt, sugars, fats (saturated) and calories with no artificial colouring, flavouring, preservatives, or additives. The noodles are available to buy online, from various stockists and through their innovative Mr Lee’s ‘Noodle Kiosks’ which serve hot ready meals 24/7. Cashless, these kiosks could be found in hotels, holiday parks, hospitals and other workplaces. The pots average 50g of carbs each. Flavours include Hong Kong Streeet Beef, Dragon Fire Mushroom and Penang Chicken Curry Laksa. Each noodle pot is about 10g carbs per 100g weight.

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