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All hail halloumi

Halloumi cheese

The UK is the biggest consumer of halloumi cheese outside of Cyprus, with Waitrose customers buying enough packs of halloumi last year to stack 206 times the height of The Shard in London; the equivalent weight of 33 London buses. Originally from Cyprus, but widely used throughout the middle east, halloumi is a salty, brined cheese traditionally made from the curd of goat and sheep milk. Its high melting point makes it a perfect for grilling, frying or baking. Being high in protein and calcium, halloumi is also a good choice as part of a balanced diet.

Cypriots especially like to eat it grilled with watermelon, as the combination of the salty and sweet is refreshing in the warm climate. It’s a great swap for bacon because of its saltiness. You can also freeze it for up to a year without it affecting the texture.”

For halloumi recipes visit: http://www.waitrose.com/home/recipes/5-ways-with/halloumi.html

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