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A special coffee brew for you


If you love your coffee and happen to be near Upper St Martin’s Lane. London, you can pop in to build a perfect brew just for you. Those wishing to just grab a quick cuppa and go, can do so knowing they will taste delicious, high-quality brews with a palate precision. It’s perfectly engineered coffee that mixes scientific geekiness and a fondness of direct trade with farmers. Or stay a while and ask the barista for a tour of how to expertly prepare your own brew at the Home Barista Station. You can be train on the brewing equipment and then take the rich flavours home by ordering fresh roast coffee from their grindery.

You can find out who cultivates the beans available in the shop, how it is grown, pick and dry. Coffee Island searches and reserves microlots of limited edition single origin specialty coffee from small, carefully selected farms. The conditions under which they are grown, picked and processed are unique and cannot be repeated. Coffee Island at 5 Upper St Martin’s Lane, London.

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