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Dexcom on Android


With both iOS and Android smart devices now available, European patients have greater access to Dexcom’s G5 Mobile CGM System to help better manage their diabetes. The system is now the world’s first CE mark mobile CGM system that is compatible on both iOS and Android platforms. In addition to providing European patients with greater access to Dexcom’s technology the Dexcom receiver will now become an optional display device for users. The new Android platform is in the process of being launched into select European countries. John Lister, General Manager EMEA, of Dexcom comments, “Dexcom is rapidly advancing technology for continuous glucose monitoring devices to improve diabetes management. These advances are making diabetes management more convenient and flexible than ever before.”

European sales and usage data show that Android compatible smart phones have a 45% market share in the UK, and more than 60% market share in Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands. In addition to the Android platform launch across Europe, the Dexcom G5 Mobile Receiver will now become an optional display device for users and will no longer be required as a component of the G5 Mobile CGM System. This enhancement could mean significant savings for patients and further breaks down barriers, giving access to Dexcom’s G5 Mobile System.

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