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Guardian Connect

In July 2016 Medtronic PLC received CE (Conformité Européenne) Mark for its new Guardian Connect mobile continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system for people with diabetes who are injecting insulin. To date, CGM use has been mainly associated with people on insulin pumps. This system is being broaden to include diabetics on multiple daily injections (MDI).

Guardian Connect is the first smartphone-enable CGM system from Medtronic to receive CE Mark. The system is due to be  launched on a country-by-country basis in the second quarter of fiscal year 2017, potentially starting with the UK.

Now diabetics injecting insulin and using Guardian Connect will be able to check their current glucose level anytime on their mobile device, an action that will be just as easy as checking things like email, the weather or social media posts. Part of the point of the system is that users can be alerted if they are having high or low glucose levels their mobile device will alert them so they can consider taking action to intervene. Guardian Connect is also the first (and therefore currently the only) mobile CGM system with customizable SMS text alerts which can give carers, parents or partners of the person with diabetes to receive high and low glucose alerts on any connected mobile device.

Medtronic’s CareLink therapy

The system has the option to automatically upload data daily into Medtronic’s CareLink therapy management software, making data uploading for both diabetics and their healthcare providers much easier to do and to access.

Annette Brüls, president, Diabetes Service and Solutions at Medtronic says about the launch. “Having continuous, real-time access to glucose values and being alerted to important trends and events is key for people with diabetes. With our new Guardian Connect system, we’ve continued to innovate so that we can deliver these insights for people with diabetes on insulin injection therapy. Guardian Connect is also compatible with our CareLink diabetes therapy management platform and gives healthcare providers, their patients and care partners with actionable data to help them improve day-to-day diabetes management and make long-term therapy adjustments. Expanding our solutions to help more people with diabetes, no matter where they are on the care system, is central to our goal of transforming diabetes care for their greater freedom and better health.”

Get Connected Yourself

The Guardian Connect smartphone app will initially be available to people with iOS devices. Medtronic is currently developing an Android version of the Guardian Connect app for release at a later date.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) provides continuous, real-time trend information about glucose levels for people with diabetes. With time, CGM can help keep the user to spend more time in the optimal glucose target range. Alerts and alarms can be customized to notify patients before they reach personal preset low or high sensor glucose limits (for example, it can be set to alert you if you get to 4.5mmols, so you can have a biscuit to avert your blood sugar getting any lower).

The Guardian Connect system consists of a wearable CGM device that takes glucose readings every five minutes and sends them directly to a smartphone app. All of this information (data) can be shared with healthcare partners via SMS text messages and access to the real-time CGM tracing from any web-enabled device. In addition, healthcare professionals can see automatic daily data uploads via CareLink.

The Guardian Connect CGM system will be available through your Healthcare Professional. See the weblink to find out more:

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