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Latest issue, interview with a hypo dog!

Medical Detection Dog for hypo unawareness

OK, so we didn’t interview the dog, we interviewed the owner, but he was there! Magic is Claire Pesterfield’s medical detection dog, alerting her when she gets a low blood sugar and saving her from unpleasant episodes of hypoglycaemia due to her lack of hypo awareness. We also interviewed Dr Claire Guest, who started the UK charity Medical Detection Dogs. We found all of them to be inspirational, hope you do to. Plus, there’s news about a new, faster insulin from Novo Nordisk called Fiasp. We predict it will be a boon for many people with diabetes. Making Carbs Count features restaurateurs Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi who wrote a book, Around the World in Salads after Giancarlo was diagnosed with diabetes. There’s lots of other stuff too, so read on!

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