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Don’t forget your 3s and 6s

Dont Forget Your 3s and 6s | DesangMost of us are aware we need to keep an eye on our intake of omega-3s and 6s. With these essential fatty acids it’s all about striking the right balance. Most of us don’t have enough omega-3 in our diet, but it can be hard to remember which foods contain it. Trying to compare these essential fatty acids is like trying to compare a violin to a flute. Both have different, but important, roles within the orchestra — but if one drowns out the other, all harmony is lost. It’s the same with omega-3 and omega-6 — we need them both, but in a harmonious ratio.

Constant reminders about the dangers of saturated fats may also be causing confusion as many people do not realise the omegas are actually fats (but ‘good fats’). Studies show they protect against diabetes heart disease and stroke and there is increasing evidence for cognitive benefits, too. Professor Michael Crawford, director of the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition says fish oils are vital to modern life and recommends Equazen. www.equazen.co.uk

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