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Pencils with hot tips

Pencils with Hot TipsThe perfect pencil for chilli lovers, these are plantable pencils, and the chilli plantable pencil is the latest launch from Danish company Sprout. Where an eraser would usually sit on top of the pencil, the Sprout Pencil has a special seed capsule. Sprout pencils grow into not only chillies, but herbs, vegetables, flowers and even trees! When the pencils are too short to write with, they can be planted and will grow into beautiful plants. The Sprout Knockout Chilli edition pack contains 3 pencils: in hot, hotter and hottest chilli varieties. Hot – Red Cayenne (20,000 sco); Hotter – Purira Pepper (50,000 sco) and Hottest – Orange Habanero (210,000 sco), where sco stands for the Scoville scale that measures the content of capsaicin in the fruit, the more capsaicin, the hotter the fruit. £4.90


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