Hypoband can give hypo warnings at night

Hypoband Can Give Hypo Warnings at NightThe HypoBand is a cold sweat alarm that works with smartphones via Bluetooth. You wear the band like a watch, which works by detecting cold sweat, a symptom of low blood glucose levels, and sends a signal to the app on your phone. The app can also be installed on the phones of allocated caregivers or other individuals to make them aware of you are having a hypo. The band has a panic button built in for use by the elderly or vulnerable in case of severe hypos, heart-attacks or falls.

The HypoBand App now has a manual threshold function, which can be set at a lower / higher threshold to suite the individuals circumstances. This ensures the HypoBand will activate on a cold sweat and has already proven to be beneficial to some people. HypoBand offers a 100% money back guarantee, if the HypoBand does not work for you.

product-topAvailable for a one off payment is £188.79 (incl. VAT and P&P), or over 12 months with a deposit of £49.99 and 11 monthly payments of £11.99.


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