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Survey for snorers

National Stop Snoring Week is took place at the end of April. As part of this, the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association (BSSAA) is aimed to help the estimated 20 million partners of snorers who do not get a good night’s sleep. Through a structured programme the health, daytime functioning and relationships of all these people could improve.
Researchers have found that of the 1100+ people polled, 77% said their snorer was willing to seek a solution but had yet to find it. However, the respondents also revealed that 1 in 4 snorers are failing to invest in their relationships by pursuing a solution, which forced their partners to endure nights of misery. Of those polled 69% encounter snoring every night and as a result 31% of couples sleep in separate rooms with the snorers leaving the main bedroom to sleep in the spare room. As many as 12% of snorers end up sleeping on the sofa. The good news is that 70% of respondents have tried ear-plugs in the hope of cutting out the din, the bad news is that and most found them to be either partially or completely effective.

With alcohol considered a contributory factor snorees were asked to monitor their partner’s snoring on alcohol-free nights but 85% snored just as ferociously even on a dry night.
The British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association is a not-for-profit charitable organisation helping people to get a good night’s sleep. The BSSAA has released a programme to help these snorees and save them from sleep deprivation which can be found online. www.britishsnoring.co.uk/snorees

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