Diabetes Glucolog Lite app from Menarini

areo_tech_spec_2The GlucoMen Areo, the newest blood test meter from Menarini (see KIT on p.) , features QuickLink technology. This uses NFC (Near Field Communication), the technology that is used for contactless payments with your debit card (if enabled). NFC is currently NOT available on iPhones, though it’s likely to come soon as even Apple uses NFC for ApplePay. QuickLink is free to download and is very easy to use working with Menarini’s Glucolog Lite app. It means that the basic electronic logbook in your meter is automatically put into your phone via QuickLink.

AreoQuicklink1NFC needs to be turned on in your smartphone, though the meter does not need to be turned on in order to do the data transfer. Anything stored on the meter is brought across. Just hold your meter and your phone back to back and the data is automatically transferred and is ready to view as logbook, graph, and so on. You can then email the information direct to an HCP, if you wish. Within the app you can set high and low thresholds, add comments and edit, adding in information such as carbs eaten or insulin inputted, or sport undertaken with meal and exercise markers.

AreoQuicklink2You can get the Glucolog Lite app on Android (NFC) or Apple (Bluetooth). There’s a clip-on Bluetooth device for the Areo meter so it can be used with an iPhone too.

RapidCalc_logoAlso under development in association with Menarini is the Android version of the currently Apple-only RapidCalc app. RapidCalc is a sophisticated bolus insulin dose calculator for diabetics on insulin. It has intelligent tracking of insulin on board (insulin still in your system), can calculate your carbohydrate-to-insulin ratio and you can modify your ideal blood glucose targets. As a result, RapidCalc can dramatically simplify blood glucose management. It is designed to be easy to use and easy to live with.

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