Award-winning Unifine Pentips Plus for insulin pen users

Owen Mumford’s pen needles were award-winnning for leading medical device manufacturer Owen Mumford. The needs of insulin pen users, along with adapting to healthcare concerns were at the centre of its medical device design.

Owen Mumford Unifine Pen needlesCompliance (taking injections as agreed with medical advisors) and ease of use are basic to diabetics using pen needles. By putting the end-user at the heart of the design, Owen Mumford aimed to make a difference to both patients and healthcare professionals and as a result the Unifine Pentips now have a unique integrated disposal chamber designed to encourage more frequent needle changes.

Owen Mumford won a Red Dot award within the Product Design category which saw a total of 4,928 entries, from 56 countries, judged by a panel consisting of respected design professors, designers and specialist journalists. Jarl Severn, CEO of Owen Mumford, commented, “We are both delighted and immensely proud to have been chosen for such a world renowned award for design. We have always focused on designing the next ‘big idea’ and have invested significantly in our R&D capabilities to support this. Our mission is to provide solutions that will exceed expectations, encourage adherence and improve quality of life; the Unifine Pentips Plus pen needle is a great demonstration of this, right from initial design concept through to manufacture.”

Red Dot Award logoRichard Walker, Global Product Manager for Drug Delivery Products for Owen Mumford, added, “The initial concept behind Unifine Pentips Plus was to make the injection process as easy and comfortable for the end-user as possible, which plays an integral part in encouraging good self-management practices. The research and design team went back to the drawing board to create a completely new solution for the long established, standard insulin pen needle market sector. Unifine Pentips Plus is proven to encourage better needle change behaviour. For our design to be recognised by the judging panel at Red Dot, is great news.”

The Unfine Pentips Plus pen needle is available in a range of lengths from 4mm 32G to 12mm 29G.

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