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A range of grains great for diabetes

FreekehSuper easy to prepare, delicious, healthy and fantastic value, Merchant Gourmet’s range of grains offer a variety of healthy and filling meat alternatives due to the high levels of protein they contain. They make a great store cupboard staple. Due to the growing demand for greater nutritional values in food, cleaner and simpler recipes and clear labelling, the brand has seen steady growth in its ready-to-eat grains and pulses range with sales experiencing a 100% year on year growth.

With three times as much fibre as brown rice, Freekeh is also a lower carb, low GI grain that will keep you feeling fuller for longer whilst giving you a great vitamin boost. Freekeh is the name for the roasting process; the grain itself is durum wheat harvested whilst still young, soft and green. As it is made from the youngest, greenest wheat, Freekeh retains higher levels of protein, fibre and minerals than those found in mature wheat and can be used instead of rice or couscous in Middle-Eastern recipes, salads, vegetarian burgers, risottos, pilaffs and paellas.

There’s also a Grains, Red Rice and Quinoa Mix with wheatberries, red rice, greenwheat, black barley and quinoa. Quinoa is a great source of protein with an amino acid profile that is as good as meat? Not only that but it’s also packed with calcium, B vitamins, iron and essential fatty acids. Merchant Gourmet’s Spelt is firm in texture and has a nutty flavour. Spelt is a versatile wheat and is higher than wheat in nutrients such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and iron.

Also part of the range is Red and White Quinoa, or Puy Lentils, or Beluga Lentils. All are either ready to eat out of the pack or with just a couple of minutes cooking in a microwave. They cost around £1.99 per back from many supermarkets.


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