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Great outdoors (children)New research has revealed that Brits are exploring the great outdoors less than ever before — with over a third of the nation (35%) walking a mere 15 minutes or less a day – equating to less than 1,500 steps — 85% less than recommended. In order to address this an unlikely hero has stepped forward – Mars’ Tracker bar. The brand is partnering with Olympian James Cracknell and the Woodland Trust to launch a campaign to get Brits to walk further off the beaten track. The research highlights that the nation is walking in the great outdoors less than we were 30 years ago; as half of British parents (45%) claim their children walk less than they did as a child and that’s despite the fact that half of the nation believe that going for walks outside with their children could improve their family relationship (48%) and a third believe it could relieve family stress (34%).

A downloadable guide from James Cracknell is available via the Tracker website which includes handy tips and tricks, from DIY obstacle courses to making faces out of the mud and tracking animal footprints offering educational but fun information on woodlands for the whole family. Cracknell, clearly no slouch himself with his two Olympic golds for rowing, says, “There’s no better feeling than exploring the great outdoors and walking is the best way of doing this. I want to get the nation embarking on their own adventures up and down the country.”

Tony Chadwick, Site Manager at the Woodland Trust adds,We own more than 1,000 woods across the UK and all are free to access. Woodlands are so great for many reasons – not only are they beautiful but they are home to the UK’s oldest living thing – a yew tree – and a habitat for our much loved wildlife such as dormice and badgers. Help us protect our woodland by joining in with the campaign and pledging to walk.”


The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading charity championing native woods and trees. Established in 1972, the it now has over 1,000 sites in its care covering approximately 20,000 hectares (50,000 acres). Access to its woods is free. www.woodlandtrust.org.uk

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