Cogent thinking brings sugar-free soft drinks to the fore

Bottles 4 (3)In response to trade and consumer feedback, KOJI, the low calorie, all-natural soft drinks brand has redesigned its packaging added new sizes to its range and introduced Cucumber and Watermelon, Jasmine and Elderflower and Camomile and Lemongrass flavours.

Luke Sapsed, Co-Founder for Future Drinks says, “We believe sweeteners are the root of all evil so the start of our journey was to eliminate all artificial sweeteners – we refused to use stevia, aspartame or any other enhancer or additive. We didn’t want to add too much sugar either as sugary drinks can be sticky and high in calories. We wanted a clean, crisp and refreshing soft drink, low in calories and great with food or simply having fun with friends – a non-alcoholic choice that we actually wanted to drink. But when you leave out sweeteners and flavour enhancers, the result can often be unpalatable!

Deep in the heart of Japanese tradition, we found a natural process that would bring our dream to life – Koji – it is the way to make soy sauce and Sake as well as other foods. Koji is an age-old method that extracts flavour from ingredients, removing sugars but keeping the flavour. Inspired by this traditional process, we developed our own patented technique, enabling us to retain all the flavour and nutritional properties of our ingredients.

A complex blend of dried fruit, spices and herbs with a wide range of nutritional and health benefits makes our base fruit infusion. The heart of Koji’s flavour comes from Japanese Persimmon, goji berries, lemon peel, challenger hops and apple.

Ginger is one of the world’s best medicines and is excellent for digestion and circulation. Along with lemon peel, it also has antiseptic qualities, making this a really powerful health giving combination, says Sarah Hughes, medical herbalist and nutritional therapist.

KOJI Lemon and ginger is available in 330ml glass bottles. It has 3.5g carbs per 100ml and costs £19.60 for 12 bottles

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