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Indian food — high taste, low sugar foods for diabetic diet

Dhaniya Jalfrezi pasteDhaniya, or in Roy and Usha Verman’s native language, the ‘coriander leaf’, is the inspiration for their new food brand. With Indian food, much magic is worked with the use of aromas, vibrant colour and complex combinations of spices and herbs. What Roy and Usha love about their native food is its excitement, liveliness and fusion of aromatic tastes. With Dhaniya pastes and rubs, the spices and other ingredients have been ground and blended, so the hard work has already been done, you just need to add fresh vegetables, meat or fish and a few store cupboard essentials. Presented in jars, the new pastes and rubs offer an authentic, easy to use solution for Indian cooking at home. High in taste but low in sugar, therefore good for the diabetic diet, there are five pastes featured in the initial range are Classic Curry, Spiced Korma, Jalfrezi, Fish Curry and Tandoori. There are also five rubs, Bombay Potato, Tikka, Spiced Pomegranate, Fish and Lamb. All the products are made in small batches using fresh ingredients with no additives or flavourings. They are all gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. The cost £3-£4 from the website, which contains recipe ideas.  www.dhaniya.co.uk

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