Supplement for iodine deficiency

Feeling tired, loss of energy, dry nails, hair and skin? Chances are you’re with 63% of UK Population that are unknowingly Iodine deficient.  A new supplement Napiers Organic Seagreens Hebridean Kelp Supplement, which contains Organic Seaweed, is being backed by a study published with University of Glasgow for its powerful health and beauty benefits.

New research has shown that women with diets low in dairy products and seafood should take a daily seaweed supplement to boost vital iodine levels. A lack of iodine can be one of the main causes of an underactive thyroid, prompting feelings of being run down, lacking in energy, weighScottish seaweedt gain, aching muscles and brittle fingernails. This supplement, containing extract of wild wrack seaweed from Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, could significantly boost low iodine levels in young women. An independent study at the University of Glasgow has reported the supplement containing Scottish seaweed replenishes the body’s levels of iodine in as little as three days. Writing in the British Journal of Nutrition, the experts tested Napiers Seagreens Hebridean Kelp Supplement and found a single capsule contained the same amount of iodine as eating one and a half whole mackerel a day.

A spokesman for Napiers, which was founded in 1860, said: “Our pure wild organic seaweed is sustainably harvested from the clear waters off the remote conservation islands of the Outer Hebrides. This method of harvesting and drying is essential in preserving the ocean – it doesn’t strip out all life from the sea bed maintaining purity – not contaminated with metals or effluent maintaining all nutrients – through gentle drying of the seaweed.”

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