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Breath ketone detection device

Akers Biosciences, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of rapid diagnostic screening and testing products has been granted a patent covering Akers’ Breath Ketone detection device. The Breath Ketone detection device is based upon Akers’ proprietary MPC Biosensor Technology which permits the rapid identification of medical conditions through biomarkers in exhaled breath. The primary product being developed by Akers using the Breath Ketone detection device is the BreathKetone “Check”, which provides real-time diagnostic information that allows diabetics and/or their caregivers/healthcare providers to determine if they have a severe level of ketone (acid) build up in their body. Ketone build up can cause ketoacidosis which can require hospitalization if untreated. The device has further applications in the medical and non-medical weight management areas where the measurement of ketone production is used to monitor the burning of body fat.  www.akersbiosciences.com

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