T1D Innovations launched

JDRF, the world’s largest non-profit supporter of type 1 diabetes (T1D) research, and technology development company Pure Tech have launched T1D Innovations which is designed to accelerate the development of innovative T1D therapies.
It aims to bring together interested companies, disease foundations, and investors to create and fund high-impact companies developing innovative T1D-related therapies. It should enable them to cross the biomedical ‘valley of death’ – the gap that often prevents promising biomedical discoveries from being translated into patient-saving products. In addition to JDRF’s leadership role in this initiative, special partners Joslin Diabetes Center and T1D Exchange will bring scientific, clinical, and patient engagement capabilities to the collaboration.

At a time when basic biomedical innovation is flourishing but translational funding is scarce, JDRF and PureTech believe collaborative translational and entrepreneurial efforts such as this will be critical to bolstering the T1D product pipeline and accelerating the development of groundbreaking products for individuals with T1D.
T1D Innovations will enable and accelerate the development and progress of opportunities aligned with JDRF’s research priorities, placing an emphasis on therapies that help restore or maintain glycemic control or have the potential of restoring normal physiology for people living with or at risk for developing T1D.

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