Smart snacking for diabetes health

Own Label Super Skinny Saviour Snacks-0222Saviour Snacks is an online snacking service where you can order a Monday morning delivery of the Super Skinny Box. Inside the pack is an ever-changing selection of 14 nutritious portion-controlled snacks, each of which are 120 calories or less, such as roasted hazelnut & apple, goji berries & pecans, incan berries & cashews.

Nutritional therapist Lisa Blair says, “Smart snacking is the best way to balance blood sugar levels, when people get this right they just feel better – with improved energy levels, less cravings and overeating, which helps people manage their weight.”

Packs do not contain trans fats, artificial additives, colours or preservatives or high fructose corn syrup. Saviour Snacks Super Skinny Box can be ordered on a subscription basis and delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly, or you can purchase a box as a one-off or as a gift for £15 (plus £2.22 P&P).

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