Omega 3 for diabetes health

Bare_Biology_Lion_HeartLion Heart from Bare Biology is the first and only British brand with a five-star rating from the International Fish Oil Standards programme (IFOS).  This omega-rich fish oil supplement meets the strictest criteria for purity, cleanliness, stability, freshness and strength. Each 5ml spoonful contains 3,500mg Omega 3, which is on average ten times stronger than standard capsules. High dose Omega 3 is acclaimed for treating inflammatory conditions such as arthritis as well as supporting cardiovascular and mental health. It provides an overall health benefit to anyone, including Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics.

Taking large amounts of Omega 3 can be difficult, in some cases up to 10 capsules of some products would be required, but just one spoon of this is sufficient. It also tastes of lemons! £47.50 for 150ml (30 5ml servings).




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