Rotation, rotation, rotation

Robots_ShadowAs we all get told, over and over again, we need to rotate our injection sites so we don’t keep putting them into the same bits of our body. It makes sense on every front, helping to prevent insulin ‘pooling’ under the skin, and to give that skin a bit of a rest from continual puncturing. Injecting in the same place can lead to lipohypertrophy — lumps under the skin caused by a buildup of fat from too many insulin injections in the same place which can also cause slower insulin absorption, can affect glycemic control and hypos that may occur due to over correcting.

American company Medical Visuals has come up with simple body tattoos — tartoos, or targeted tattoos — for safe and effective for injection site management. One Tartoo package includes four easy-to-use 4″ x 6″ tattoo grids, each with 20 images which help you to remember to rotate those injections.

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