Perfectly pickable salad and herb pots

Perfectly Pickable FINAL image with marker 300dpiThe farmers at Steve’s Leaves are celebrating the launch of Perfectly Pickable pots; living leaves in a classic pea and mint combination which are ready to be eaten or planted out. The classic pea and mint combination brings spring right into kitchens and, with little or no preparation needed, Perfectly Pickable pots are a quick standby for made-in-minute recipes such as pea and mint pesto and apple, pea and mint smoothie.

Being just veg or herbs, they are carb-free and bring taste without raising blood sugar levels.

“Pots can be kept on the windowsill and with just a little bit of water now and again they will look sprightly and taste delicious. After a very quick rinse, whole sprigs of leaves can be used or the leaves can be chopped to make a selection of fresh spring recipes. The pots keep growing too so they can be planted outside when the weather is warm enough,” says Steve, the Doctor of leaves from Steve’s Leaves.Pots of Perfectly Pickable Living Pea Shoots & Mint are now available from Ocado from May this year RRP £2.75.

Each pot of Living Pea Shoots & Mint comes with a plant marker including a pea and ham soup recipe and a QR code linking to four other exclusive recipes online. Steve says, “As well as working hard on our farms to support nature friendly farming, we constantly check what customers want in terms of bag size as we hate waste, and that’s why our pots of Perfectly Pickables are larger than other herb plants, this larger pot size sustains the plants for better growth and flavour so they last and grow well and are healthy for a diabetic diet.”

See the next issue of the Desang Online Magazine for an interview with the Steve behind Steve’s leaves.

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