‘Bone broth’ is beneficial

Chris BatesChris Bates (pictured right) claims that ’bone broth’ is beneficial for everything from Crohn’s disease to diabetes, and that it also plumps up your skin as though you’d been using a fancy collagen cream. According to him, “Bone broths produce gelatin which is a jelly like substance that draws liquids towards it. Gelatin is extremely beneficial to the healing of some gut problems such as hyperacidity, colitis, leaky gut syndrome and Crohn’s disease and is beneficial in helping the body assimilate other protein foods consumed. It is also beneficial in treating anaemia, diabetes and cancer and it greatly improves the skin. In fact I have worked with many people who have reported that their skin got dramatically better and made them look younger in the face after we included daily bone broth drinks, perhaps due to the high collagen and cartilage content.”

Bates, an ‘holistic health mentor’, made his comments after the news that the actress Anna Friel has been on the ‘maple syrup diet’ in a bid to look young and lose weight. Bates says, “The ‘maple syrup diet’ is a fad that achieves its goal of short-term weight loss – but it is detrimental to health and will not help you lose fat. This ‘diet’ consists of only consuming drinks made from maple syrup, lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper. It is so incredibly low in calories it would be impossible not to drop body weight; but there are serious side effects. For a start, drinking sugar water will have a detrimental effect on overall body sugar levels and can damage your body by causing insulin to be released too fast from the pancreas. The overall effects can be devastating to the body and, once a normal style of eating resumes, the person could experience bounce back where the body puts weight back on very quickly – in the form of fat. My recommendations are to learn what foods are essential to create a balanced state of health, use fasting wisely and specifically and be patient; weight doesn’t rise overnight so don’t expect it to come off overnight.”


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