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New Humpen from Lilly

Taking place this week is Diabetes UK’s annual professionals conference, this year in Manchester. It is here today that Lilly launches its latest in the HumaPen range, the Savvio. It’s been engineered to resemble a small personal accessory rather than a medical device and has been designed following feedback from people with diabetes who wsavvio pens pictureanted to manage their diabetes discreetly. The market research took place in six countries. The research team spent a day-in-the life with patients in their own homes to gather real-life understanding of how they use their insulin devices and the challenges they face.

“I want my patients to feel confident about managing their condition and being able to get on with everyday living,” says Susan Stockley, Lead Diabetes Specialist Nurse from East Surrey Hospital. “People with diabetes handle their devices every day and to some, the device reminds them that they are on important medication and ‘different’. This new insulin pen blends in with their accessories and feels personalised, plus the size means they can be more discreet when administering.”

The HumaPen Savvio is easy to dial and dose and features smooth glide force an easy-to-use cartridge holder. It comes in blue, graphite, green, silver, pink and red and is available for use with Lilly’s 3ml insulin cartridges, which include the Humalog and Humulin brands of insulin and doses from 1 to 60 units in one-unit increments. It comes with an insufficient remaining dose feature that prevents the user from dialing more units than those remaining in the cartridge. It is designed to be used for up to six years after first use.

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  • Lorna Dyter's Comment Lorna Dyter Posted On: Aug 28th, 2013 at 10:48

    I like the Humapen Savvio (have seen a youtube video about it) but cannot find out where I can buy this from. Can anyone help please?