Irish diet gains credence

Mussels, potatoes and beef have been acknowledged as safe and tasty choices. Rhonda Smith, Chair of CommNet, the EC funded support action project, has commented, “With land and sea resources at its disposal, Ireland has combined these natural USPs with enterprise and investment to create renowned teams and institutes that deliver research-led techniques and processes for the production of safe, tasty and varied foods for consumption at home and abroad.”

Safe production and harvesting of Mussels, development of disease-resistant Potato varieties and safe handling of Beef products have been noted. Smith continues: “Ireland ranks highly in the OECD’s Better Life Index compared with many EC countries with long life expectancy, life satisfaction, good work-life balance, safety & good health important positive factors. Further investment in aquaculture and agri-business will no doubt continue to support Ireland’s sense of well-being.”

CommNet Coordinator Mario Martinoli adds, “CommNet’s mission is to help EC funded projects improve significantly the information flow from research to users and consumers of research results. Better awareness, understanding and utilization of research results will inevitably lead to the generation of innovative and sustainable products and policies that will improve our daily lives no matter where we live.”



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