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Parliamentary challenge by T1s

At the end of April, children with type 1 diabetes challenged Minister for Science, David Willetts, on the lack of research funding into a cure. Children and adults with type 1 diabetes are took their fight for more research funding to find a cure for the condition to Westminster.

Having walked over Westminster Bridge, 60 children and adults brought JDRF’s inaugural Type 1 Parliament to MPs, asking them to join the search for the cure for type 1 diabetes.  Prime Minister David Cameron commented,  “I welcome JDRF’s Type 1 Parliament event, which puts the spotlight on type 1 diabetes.  It provides the opportunity for people living with this unavoidable autoimmune condition to have their voices heard in Parliament.  I enthusiastically support JDRFs research programme, which aims to better treat, prevent and ultimately find the cure for type 1 diabetes.”

Karen Addington, Chief Executive, JDRF, added,  “Type 1 diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in children and it occurs more frequently than cancer, cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy.  Only medical research will find the cure – type 1 diabetes can’t be prevented by lifestyle changes – but in 2009 only £6 million was spent by government on a condition which cost the UK nearly £2 billion last year alone, costs that will continue to rise.  It is about time that this serious condition gets the attention that it deserves, which is why we are asking the Government to join JDRF in finding the cure.”


Findlay Scrivener (left) and Alex Newton challenge parliament.

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