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For the first time in the UK, the The Jersey Royal Company, Jersey’s traditional grower of Jersey Royal potato, has unveiled plans to make available the highly sought after ‘Jersey Royal Pearl’ potato. Half the size of the traditional Royal potato (but still the same variety) and packed with an intense nutty flavour, the Jersey Royal Company ‘Pearl’ potato will grace retailer shelves nationwide from April, allowing consumers to experience a truly unique and sensational gastro delight.

Ideal in salads or as a main meal, hot or cold, the Jersey Royal Pearls are truly one of the world’s most spectacular seasonal vegetables. The more well-known and available Jersey Royals account for 75% of all UK potato sales when in season and one of only a handful of British fresh products that carry the EU protection of designation of origin (PDO) certification.

The potatoes are usually planted in January / February and harvested from March until July when the season ends.

Fresh, boiled potatoes with their skins on are a good, low-GI option for a diabetic diet.

For recipes featuring the Jersey Royal ‘Pearl’ (cheese and gigs with pearl potatoes, illustrated), visit www.shaunrankin.com

For more info on the main crops, visit www.jerseyroyals.co.uk




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