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DRWF Spring conference

The Diabetes Spring Conference and Wellness Day is an annual partnership event hosted by the University of Greenwich and the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation (DRWF), in association with the Diabetes Research Network (DRN), National Institutes of Health Research (NIHR).

The two-day event brings together patient groups, research scientists and academics, clinicians and other practitioners, policy makers, charities and the general public. The theme for this year is Diabetes Management, Prevention and Education: What Works? Split into two days, the first one focuses on scientific technical discussions and day two on public engagement and practical outdoor activities to promote public health.

A series of open lectures and workshops are included, plus cookery demonstrations, role-plays and outdoor physical activities including Nordic Walking and Tai Chi. This offers a unique and important opportunity for scientists and practitioners to interact directly with people who live with diabetes every day, and to hear and learn from patients, their families and social networks. Read more and register here. (http://bit.ly/drwf_conf)

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