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Timesulin online shop now open

Timesulin, a replacement cap for all major insulin pens, has a built-in timer, which tells the user at a glance exactly how long it’s been since their last insulin injection, can now be bought from the following webshop: http://timesulin.com/webshop.

Timesulin is a very simple solution to a very real problem —  missing injections, or double-dosing.  Timesulin is described as offering the first real improvement for traditional insulin pens since their release more than 25 years ago.

This simple solution helps avoid missed or accidental double injections – and the accompanying bad blood glucose control that can ensue.

Timesulin co-founder and CEO, John Sjölund, a T1 diabetic since age 3, says: “A person who doesn’t live with diabetes will wonder how it’s possible to forget when or whether you’ve given yourself an injection, but given the hectic lives we all lead, keeping track of the four-times-a-day ritual can be difficult for anyone living with a chronic condition. It’s like trying to remember if you turned the stove off.  It can cause real anxiety. That’s why Timesulin offers the perfect solution for people living with diabetes – as well as those near and dear to them.”

Grace Vanterpool, a London-based diabetes nurse consultant and MBE at the Hammersmith and Fulham PCT and Imperial Health Care Trust. “What I like best about Timesulin is that it addresses this huge problem head-on with an easy-to-use solution that requires no programming or change in habit.”

Timesulin carries the CE mark, works with all major insulin pens, requires no change in habit and works straight out of the package without any programming required. They cost around £30 from the shop.

For additional information, or to purchase Timesulin caps visit www.timesulin.com

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