Cellnovo insulin pump launched

Cellnovo has announced the launch of the world’s only mobile-connected diabetes management system, the Cellnovo insulin pump, and the start of the largest usability trial ever to investigate insulin pump technology for patients with type 1 diabetes. The trial will also be the first in which all clinical data is captured remotely, in real-time; using the mobile data connectivity of the Cellnovo system.

Cellnovo’s diabetes management system comprises an insulin pump that connects wirelessly to an intuitive ‘app-based’ touch-screen handset. The handset features an integral blood glucose monitor, an activity monitor and a mobile (GSM) data connection to a comprehensive web-based clinical management system.

Cellnovo patients will be able to track and manage their diabetes; securely sharing all clinical information through the web so that they, their doctors, nurses and family members can ensure sustained and effective diabetic control. William F. McKeon, Cellnovo Chief Executive Officer comments, “The launch of the Cellnovo system marks a new era in medicine where mobile connectivity is routinely embedded in medical devices.”

Principal Investigator of the Cellnovo usability trial, and world-leading authority on insulin pump therapy, Professor John Pickup of King’s College London School of Medicine, remarks, “This clinical trial is not just the world’s first with a mobile-connected insulin infusion system, it is also the first clinical trial in which the care team and patients can simultaneously observe and evaluate patient data in real-time, anywhere in the world.”

Dr Reman McDonagh, Director of Clinical and Physician Relations for Cellnovo says of the trial, “The Cellnovo usability trial will be conducted in ten of the leading diabetes centers across the UK and will involve 100 patients, both adults and children. Such scale is unprecedented for a trial of insulin infusion technology and its usability.”

Type 1 diabetes is routinely managed with pump technology throughout much of Europe and North America where 20-25% of patients gain benefit from therapy that mimics the body’s normal production of insulin. The UK lags behind, with 96% of patients still having to rely on multiple daily injections.



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