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Food as medicine

Penguin’s official tie-in recipe book to Channel 4’s The Food Hospital is out now. By Lucy Jones, Gio Miletto and Shaw Somers, it retails at £16.99 and looks at specific ingredients have been scientifically proven to help manage certain health conditions. In a culture saturated with misinformation about nutrition and diet, this book is a breath of fresh air; this is no faddy diet and the reader isn’t being sold anything. This is a book you can trust from experts at the top of their chosen fields.

The Food HospitalA refreshingly honest and straightforward guide that cuts through the myths and established truths, it showcases foods that can maintain and enhance your health and includes 45 easy recipes that target conditions from coughs and colds to depression and cancer. Each recipe is designed with a specific health issue in mind: eat dark chocolate to overcome chronic fatigue, and to prevent memory loss try a curry!

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