Change your thinking to change your drinking!

If you think you have a problem with your booze intake, you might be able to get your life back under control by training your mind to drink less alcohol and regain control of how much and how often you drink so that you are always in control of your habits.

Georgia Foster’s ‘The Drink Less Mind’ is a 21-day e-learning Programme ~ the most confidential and discreet way to change your thinking to change your drinking.

Georgia has spent years refining and developing her programme for maximum results. Her new e-learning hypnosis programme not only makes her course more affordable and accessible, but also more flexible, so it can be done at any time that suits and in the privacy of your inbox. Over the period, you will learn why you overdrink, your drinking personality type and how to re-train your mind to learn new strategies to drink less as well as understanding your unique emotional triggers.

Georgia’s unique and acclaimed approach deals with the real reasons why people drink too much alcohol. “I believe alcohol is simply the symptom, not the cause of heavy drinking and it is your thinking not the drinking that drives the problem. Since creating The Drink Less Mind concept six years ago, I have worked with scientists and experts from all over the world to help people understand why they drink the way they do and how to drink less and still enjoy alcohol,” says Georgia.

Georgia Foster’s The Drink Less Mind 21 Day Programme is available for a special introductory price of just £129 until 31st January 2012. (normal RRP £189), and you can try the first day for free and with no obligation.

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