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It’s taken a long while for lancing devices to catch up with the significant changes that have happened in other types of diabetes kit. This neat little number ticks the boxes – the SimpLance is called a ‘revolutionary new lancing device’ and an ‘advanced lancing system’. Flat and circular, it already breaks the mould (the rest are like a pen in shape), but instead of having to insert a series of individual fiddly and sharp lancets, here they are safely contained in a disk that gets put into the main body of the device. Each disk (or cartridge) is a sealed unit – so no accidental pricks are possible, and each is silicon-coated, designed for pain-free testing. There are 20 micro-lancets in each cartridge (so 20 tests before you have to load a new one). Once loaded, just push the lever on the outside to load a fresh lancet, and press the test button to get a blood sample. Includes adjustable depth setting for different types of skin as well as a counter to show how many lancets to go before you need to reload. You can ditch your current finger pricker and use this one instead as it’s available as an individual unit and not linked in with a specific blood test meter. Each SimpLance comes with 10 x refill cartridges (so a total of 200 lancets). It retails at £9 and is also on prescription.

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