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British Sausage Week runs from 31st Oct to 6th November and chef Paul Gayler’s new book Sausages offers a selection of delicious recipes to celebrate the week of the great British banger.

Once considered the cheap food of the poor, many of today’s sausages contain gourmet ingredients and are found on the tables of the world’s finest restaurants. Described as a ‘sizzling history of one of the world’s most enduring foodstuffs’. Did you know that in 320 AD the Catholic church temporarily banned sausages or that they’re mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey?

Sausages exist, in one form or another, in most parts of the world with more than 400 different varieties globally. Paul Gayler’s book of bangers may be the only one you’ll ever need, bringing bangers bang up to date. The book celebrates their diversity and versatility, and features a handy reference chart detailing different types from around the world and shows you how to make traditional sausages from scratch.  There’s even a section on the tastiest sauces and condiments to accompany your super sausages.

Paul Gayler is executive chef at the prestigious Lanesborough hotel on London’s Hyde Park, where he leads a team of 35 chefs and oversees a restaurant seating 100, as well as six banqueting rooms. The book is published by Jacqui Small at  £20.00.

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