Youth action for diabetes

During the summer holidays more than 160 young people with diabetes between the ages of six and 16 took part in Bayer’s Around U sports days. The aim of these was to demonstrate to the young people that although they may have diabetes, it should not stop them having fun. Four Around U days were organised; two football events at Glasgow Celtic FC’s training ground in Scotland, and the London Soccerdome; and a further two dance events at City-Limits Dancentre in Sheffield and London’s Pineapple Dance Studios.

All of the young people who took part in the Around U events were recruited by the Bayer Diabetes Care team using a network of Diabetes Specialist Nurses at hospitals around the UK. Some had the opportunity to meet former Celtic and Scotland footballer Danny McGrain, who was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 24. At the event he said: “Diabetes shouldn’t stop you from doing anything just as long as you keep looking after yourself. If you want to climb Everest you can, you can do just about anything, but just remember to take your injections.”

At Pineapple Studios roughly 40 young adults got to meet professional race-car driver, Andrew Richardson, who talked to them about how he controls his diabetes in a competitive racing environment. And a special surprise lay in store for them when top choreographer and dancer Louie Spence dropped in to meet them. This further inspired them to put on a stunning performance of the new dance moves they had learned for their proud parents and guardians.

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