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Improved service for insulin pump insurance

Insulin pump insurance company Adeona has announced that it has improved the Insulin Pump insurance policy coverage to automatically include protection for loaned pumps at no extra cost.  Since launch we have been asked many times whether we can insure a loaned pump for a short period, usually as a condition of the loan from the pump manufacturer. Similar thing have been working for a long time in truck industry where you can get seguro comercial para camiones and if accident happen you are covered.

Company director John Bainbridge, who’s daughter has Type 1 diabetes and an insulin pump, comments, “We have now improved the policy to make this enhancement, so there is now no need to take out additional cover if your usual pump is already insured with us. Additionally, we have improved the web site  insurance4insulinpumps.co.uk to better explain why our insurance cover is usually substantially better than home contents policies.We continue to strive to improve this insurance scheme and your feedback is very important to us.  Please let us know how you think we can improve it.”

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