For crying out loud!

When it comes to crying, your partner is the person most likely to cause you to burst into tears, new research has found. A survey found that more than three quarters (77.5%) of women in the UK said that their husband or boyfriend had made them cry, and nearly two thirds (63.4%) of men said their wives or girlfriends had made them weep. For both sexes, the second biggest tear trigger was their mother, with more than half (51%) admitting something their mum had said or done had made them cry.

For men, the threat of job redundancy was the biggest crying trigger (38.8 %) but spiteful or malicious comments from colleagues was the factor that made women cry at work most (39.5%). Men were more likely to cry over heavy workloads, tight deadlines, unrealistic work demands and even missing out on a promotion than women. Male workers were also twice as likely to cry than women – 11.1% compared to 4.7% – if they were not invited to after-work drinks by colleagues.

The survey is by Rohto Dry Eye Relief —  the contraceptive pill, some underlying illnesses and health conditions such as diabetes, as well as some medication, can  trigger dry eyes. Rohto’s makers wanted to find out just when and why people cry – and what the real differences were between the sexes. More than 2,000 people took part in the study from across the UK.

More than half of those who took part  – 52.8% – felt that working at a computer screen made their eyes worse, with a third saying working in an air-conditioned office had a similar effect.

Leading UK optician and dry eye expert, Nick Atkins says: “Dry eyes are a growing problem in the UK causing untold misery for more severe sufferers. Dry eyes mean that the normal tear film production and lubricating of the eye is not functioning adequately, sometimes leading to intense discomfort, as the eyes can no longer wet and lubricate themselves properly. Rohto Dry Eye Relief’s clever, easy to use re-sealable daily-dose vial means that patients can keep with them at all times, making reapplication two or three times a day conveniently simple. Rohto Dry Eye Relief is a significant development for anyone who suffers from dry eyes”.

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