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T1 Teplizumab trial to delay onset of the condition

In an aticle from Diabetes Newshound, “Once Type 1 diabetes begins to develop, there is no stopping it. While the process can take years, the end result is predictably the same. The patient’s beta cells die off, leaving the patient to take multiple daily insulin injections in order to survive, according to an article from Popsci.com.

However, the National Institute of Health’s Type 1 Diabetes Trial Net is currently enrolling people in a new trial of the immunosuppressant drug teplizumab, which it hopes may delay the onset of the disease and possibly prevent it in high-risk individuals. The article’s author took the drug after he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2001 and nine years later he was still producing a measurable amount of insulin.

Teplizumab is not a potential cure – at best it can help delay or prevent the disease.”

Note that this trial is based in the USA. To find out more visit, http://www.diabetestrialnet.org/

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