On-the-Spot HbA1cs

Menarini Diagnostics has launched a compact system for HbA1c testing at point of care in the diabetes clinic and doctors surgery. The New Clover A1c enables Health Care Professionals to make on-the-spot decisions such as changes in insulin therapy and diet, and discuss them directly with patients. Time is saved due to reduced need for repeat appointments and follow up. A simple three-step test process is involved. A tiny drop of blood from a finger-prick is applied to a test cartridge, results are displayed in just 5 minutes, and the sealed cartridge is easily disposable. Results may be printed and are stored in a 400-test memory.

Chris Betts, Business Manager, GlucoMen Diabetes Care, Menarini Diagnostics UK says, “Clover A1c builds on the proven performance of our laboratory based systems, and is ideal for on-the-spot diabetes management in the diabetes clinic.”

Current NICE guidelines for type 1 diabetes state that current HbA1c measurements should be made available on outpatient clinics because their availability can lead to immediate changes in insulin therapy and/or diet and so reduce the need for follow-up appointments.

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