Mighty Muesli

Mighty Muesli is small East Devon muesli manufacturer. It’s main product, Mighty Muesli, has a unique recipe based on a blend of 22 different ingredients was developed by Juliette Cattell for her husband when he was training for a world rowing championship. He was looking for a breakfast food that compensated for the huge demands placed on his body by his training regime and after months of research Juliette came up with her recipe. Her husband won his gold medal and, starting from her kitchen, Juliette began selling her muesli commercially.

She says, “I produce highly nutritious toasted mueslis and porridge for everyone, but there is a wheat free/nut free version and also a gluten and nut-free one. They are relatively low in sugar compared to most cereals and because of the high levels of complex carbohydrates, which irons out the highs and lows, so they are therefore also suitable for diabetics. It’s full of everything that the experts tell us that we should be eating and it ticks so many boxes for people looking to improve their diet, combat child obesity and eat healthier food. I get emails from people all over the country telling me what a fantastic product. It’s genuinely good food that also tastes delicious and can be eaten by everyone, not just sports people.”

Mighty Muesli is sold at delicatessens and farm shops throughout the country and bulk orders can also be placed on its website www.mightymuesli.com

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